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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Lily Debate

I absolutely LOVE lilies, especially white oriental lilies and orange calla lilies. We are planning a garden wedding at The Bok Gardens in Lake Wales, Florida and our color will be among these: blue and brown, orange and brown, or green and brown. We asre not sure about the colors but I am sure I want some type of lily in my wedding. Which bouquet do you think? Please comment below. Thank you.
white lily bouquet

white lilies

white lilies

white lilies

tiger lily and red rose bouquet

orange tiger lily bouquet

calla lily maid bouquet

lilies and pink roses

orange calla lily maid bouquet

lily and orchid bouquet

calla lily bouquet


  1. Exactly what type of orange tiger lily is the bouquet in your picture? I want lilies in my wedding bouquet but i dont like the lilies with the black spots. I love the ones with the orange "patches" on the petal closer to the stamen. But i cant find any anywhere!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!

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